Main state center for education evaluation

The main function of “Glavekspertcentr” is providing information and organizational support for the procedure of foreign education documents recognition on the basis of the state task (receiving applications, conducting examinations, production and issuance of certificates of recognition).

As mentioned above in accordance with Governmental decree from 27 February 2014 on implementation of the Lisbon Convention, “Glavekspertcentr” received the status of "National information center" of ENIC-NARIC, an international network of national information centers on recognition of foreign education documents.

According to the legislation, the National information center: 

  • provides free counseling of individuals and organizations for recognition of foreign education and (or) a foreign qualification; 
  • places information relating to the recognition procedure of foreign education on its website. 
Therefore on the website it is possible get information on the legislative acts of the Russian Federation in the field of education, information about the educational system in Russia and other countries, information on international treaties on mutual recognition, and a list of sample documents on foreign education and (or) foreign qualifications recognized in the Russian Federation, as well as other information prescribed by the new Law on education.


Correspondence address:
Leninskiy prospect 6, stroenie 3, 119049 Moscow, Russia
Main State Center for Education Evaluation
Tel./Fax: +7(495) 665-0015
Official website:
Director: Vera Skorobogatova